The Story of Mediheal

Beyond the Mask

In 10 years, MEDIHEAL grew from a novel concept to a fully-established global beauty brand in its pursuit of one goal: to create affordable everyday sheet masks that easily treat all your skincare needs at once. Here’s how we did it.

MEDIHEAL gets the very highest-grade natural & scientific ingredients and offers consumers premium-quality masks for an affordable price.

The MEDIHEAL Journey


- Hyun Bin signs up as advertising spokesperson


- Ranked as one of Korea's unicorn companies (a company with a valuation over 1 trillion won)
- Sponsored 2019 LPGA MEDIHEAL Championship
- Reached 1.6 billion in sheet mask sales
- Built a second logistics center Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province
- Signed an advertising deal with BTS
- Became subsponsor of LPGA golfer Lydia Ko


- Awarded the US$100 million export tower prize
- Established US incorporation
- Reached 1.4 billion in sheet mask sales
- Sponsored the '2018 LPGA MEDIHEAL Championship', becoming the first-ever Korean
- cosmetics brand to sponsor the LPGA
- Began selling at Selfridges in England


- Built and opened the brand-new
MEDIHEAL R&D center at L&P Cosmetic
- Awarded the consumer-selected 2017 Star Brand for the second year in a row
- Reached 1 billion in sheet mask sales
- Collaboration with BTS
- Established a branch office in Japan
- Created the MEDIHEAL golf team


- Awarded US$20 million export tower prize
- Awarded Korea’s presidential medal for Job Creation
- Voted ‘Korean Brand of the Year’ by Chinese consumers
- Established MEDIHEAL foundation and donated 12 billion won to Korea University


- Started selling at in-flight duty free (China Eastern, Southern Airlines, Air China, Hainan Airlines) and launched at Eastern China CJ Home Shopping
- Established incorporation in Shanghai, China
- Ranked as the top-selling sheet mask at Korean drug store OliveYoung (Q1 & Q2)
- Collaborated with Line Friends


- Awarded the US$3 million export tower prize and Korea’s presidential Industrial Service Medal
- Began selling at duty-free outlets in China, Singapore, and Japan


- Began selling at Costco in Korea
- Began exporting to the US, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and Canada


- Established the L&P Design Lab
(Authorized by KIET)
- Launched MEDIHEAL


- 2 STEP Sheet mask was registered as utility model for the first time in the world


- Established L&P Cosmetic Inc.
- Began selling at Korean drug store OliveYoung and other pharmacies
- Began exporting to China and Hongkong


Established Wangsang Chemicals & launched ABOM, a men’s hair care and cosmetic brand

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